Chris began his professional performance career in 2000, working with ex-Michael Clark dancer Julie Hood at the Nott Dance 2000 festival. Since then he has enjoyed working on a wonderfully diverse collection of projects across the years. He is particularly interested in dance theatre and exploring ways to make dance as accessible as possible to all audiences. 

Chris has worked in a range of settings from traditional theatre tours to site specific works, from promenade to in the round and from fourth wall confined to fully interactive. He is adept at creating and sculpting characters and choreography, working closely in collaboration with directors and choreographer alike. 

To discuss a project with Chris, please get in touch via the contact page​.

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Painting Venice

The Colour Of Me UK Tour 

Intense Attachment 


The Colour Of me RnD 



Close Distance 


The Seed 

Close Distance 

Greening The City/Hinterland 


Close Distance R&D

You Will Need Me Schools Tour 

Billingham International Folkloric Festival

Step Forward 


The Fools Journey 

Such Is Life 

You Will Need Me Schools Tour 


Full Circle 

Risky Business R&D 

The Fear (Music Video)


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Positive Action Project 



For You/Or 

Sioda Martin Movement and Theatre

Wriggle Dance Theatre

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Wriggle Dance Theatre

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Parlor Dance

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Parlor Dance

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Keira Dance

Parlor Dance

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