Chris has been making work with and for young people for many years. He works very inclusively, drawing on the creative talents and abilities of the groups in question, often exploring ideas, themes and issues presented to him by those groups. Chris very much believes in developing a sense of ownership of the work within the group and uses these processes to develop the confidence and interpersonal skills of the young people he is collaborating with. Not limited to younger people, Chris has created work with gifted and talented students, intergenerational groups and mature groups of dancers. 

In recent years, Chris has begun making work on professional groups developing and consolidating his own choreographic voice. He is drawn towards dance theatre work that explores how people interact with each other and is interested in issues surrounding mental health, sexuality and gender. 

To discuss a project with Chris, please get in touch via the contact page.

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Assistant Choreographer

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Forest Forge Theatre Company (Rehearsal Director)

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MÓTUS 2018

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MÓTUS and Walk The Plank

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Grid Arts

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Initiate YDC

Boys Dancing 2014

DanceXchange, MKAEF

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Arts 1 School of Performance

Co-Choreographer for Mercurial Dance

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Boys Dancing, Warwick Arts Centre/BeingFrank PT

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